Winemaking Equipment

You are encouraged to get a few necessary pieces of wine making equipment that will make homemade wine making easier.

Here’s a wine making kit checklist for beginners…

Raw Ingridients

One of the most important ingredients is the raw material you choose to make the wine from. Grapes, fruit, and concentrates are the typical materials that beginning home winemakers will make their wine from.


Five gallon glass water jugs are the preferred container to ferment your home made wine. They are easy to clean and don’t deteriorate in storage or interact chemically with the wine. You will also be able to easily observe the wine fermentation. Three, six and seven gallon carboys are alternatives. One gallon jugs require more care because of the risk of oxidation.


Air locks used in wine making let gas escape from your fermenting container, but shield the wine from harmful atmospheric oxygen. They work like a sink trap. Air locks should be used with a rubber bung to fit the opening of your container. Tapered corks or rubber caps may also be used with them. There are also screw cap lids for gallon jugs which will effectively hold an air lock.

Sal Soda

Washing soda is very efficient in cleaning and sterilizing your wine making equipment and supplies. We stock it now that you can no longer get unscented material in a grocery store. Commercial wineries often use proprietary alkaline cleaners based on sal soda and tri-sodium phosphate. The use of regular detergents is ok, but you may have a lot of suds.


Few chemicals are needed for grape wines made at home. A source of sulfur dioxide – SO2 – (either potassium metabisulfite or campden tablets) will be of great value.

Long Handle Spoon

Plastic about 2 feet long, has a paddle looking end with holes in it. Stirring your wine allows air bubbles to escape so homemade wine may clear properly.


10 or 12″ with 3 scales is sufficient. Critical piece of wine making equipment used to check Specific Gravity (SG) of your wine as it ferments.

Wine bottles and Corks

For a 5 gallon batch of wine you will usually take 24-25 750ml bottles and corks. Bottles are sold in dozens or just save some used bottles and be sure to clean and sanitize thoroughly. Have a few extra corks on hand in case you break one.

Green BottlesĀ  for red wines (they are light sensitive)
Clear BottlesĀ  for white and blush wines


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